Our New Zealand manufacturing plant will be live in Auckland by December 2023!

Live December 2023 

New Zealand’s first

purpose design and built, one stop shop, plant-based milk facility

Located in Auckland, NZ

at Freeflow Manufacturing


Capable of producing 50 million litres of premium oat milk per annum


Designed with world leading Swedish technology, using whole grain NZ oats to produce a milk high in the healthy soluble fibre, beta glucan

It's about time!

And an extra big thank you to our entire Otis community for their patience

We are beyond excited about this news!

It was one heck of a journey and we are very proud we have been able to have a hand in securing this key piece of infrastructure, not only for ourselves but for all plant based brands – if you’re a NZ plant based brand get in touch here.

In partnering with premium beverage manufacturer Freeflow, we have helped design a state of the art facility right here in Aotearoa that is capable of outputting premium nutritious plant based milks.

Over the coming 6 months we will keep you updated on here as to build progress, product optimisation work and some behind the scenes of the journey.

It was a long road, but we didn't walk it alone. Our Otis family would like to extend a huge and humbling THANKYOU to everyone who supports us, believes in us, purchases us, drinks us and froths us. And a particular tip of the hat to all our oat farmers, the oat industry group members, the oat breeders Plant Research NZ, the amazing team at the mill Harraways – thank you for keeping the faith. We know we took our sweet time but the best things usually do.

Thank you for your time.
🌾 In Oats we Trust