6 packs of Otis Oat M!lk 1L boxes available nationwide

Meet Otis Oat M!lk. We use southern-grown oats harvested by Kiwi farmers. We're proud to be part of a Kiwi movement toward locally grown plant-based products that the whole world can enjoy.

Why oats?

Wonder Oat.

Otis Oat M!lk is fortified with Calcium, D2, Riboflavin and B12, so you know you're getting your daily needs.

Like, yum.

Otis Oat M!lk has a rich, rounded, neutral taste and dairy-like consistency that makes it the perfect milk for the future. Free from dairy, soy, nuts, and vegan friendly.

Lighter on the land.

The Oat footprint is much lighter, according to global research. Producing one litre of oat milk requires 11x less land, 13x less water, 6.5x less fertiliser, and emits 3.5x less greenhouse gas emissions than one litre of dairy milk.

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