A modern milk,
grown differently

Follow the journey of how our milk is grown, made and used.


New Zealand just so happens to produce some of the worlds most nutritionally superior oats. Largely thanks to our ideal growing conditions down at the 46th parralel with rich soil, ample rain, and long sunlight hours.

At Otis, we're proud to partner with around 70 diverse farmers. The oats they grow play a crucial role in balancing their farm rotation systems, helping to keep soil nutrients in equilibrium, and prevent runoff into waterways.


Enzyme technology + processing equipment + temperature and time. That's the secret sauce.As a brand who proudly develop our own enzymes, recipes and products we can guarantee you our products are packed full of the super food element of the oat grain - the soluble fibre beta-glucan.

With Otis, you are tasting over 5 years of development and innovation by New Zealand farmers, food technologists and baristas - from farm to cup. We invite you to taste the difference.


Being conscious of our business footprint and having a clear plan in place to reduce and mitigate these effects is something all modern brands simply must deliver on.

We’re a small company with big ambition to create positive change. Our sustainability plan outlines not only our smaller daily ambitions but more importantly the required actions to create the change we seek longterm.