That calls for a drink.


We love a good bit of creative thinking. Particularly if it helps make the future a brighter, more sustainable one. And when it comes to New Zealand’s farming industry, we reckon there’s plenty of big thinking to be done. Like, how can we make the industry more diverse, and what’s dairy’s role in the years ahead? We don’t know how that kind of thinking ends, but we thought we’d start by throwing some oat seed in the ground to produce a carton of sustainable, delicious and barista friendly oat milk.

Here at Otis we wake up every morning feeling pretty blessed to live where we do, tucked away down here in the South Pacific. We love our clean green countryside, meandering rivers and our peaceful seas.

We also kinda dig our rich arable farmland that is our food bowl, however of late, we’ve noticed it’s changed a lot with dairy taking over larger and larger areas of beautiful rolling pastureland. We think there’s something wrong with that picture, something out of balance, so we decided to do something about it.

We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, nothing new to see here, Oat milks have been made for centuries around the world as nutritious dairy alternatives, however none have been made in little old New Zealand to help spread the good word of the Plant.

So here we are. Grown from seeds in rich kiwi soil, a little sprinkle of rain and some gnarly rays and I grow up big and strong into the humble old oat plant. Simple!

New Zealand just so happens to grow the best oats in the world. It’s not official (there’s no oat Olympics) but our combo of rich soil, fresh rainwater and the right amount of sun gives us a world-beating oat crop. High fives all round.

So we wanted to turn all this goodness into a milk alternative that’s not only super healthy and mega delicious, but steams perfectly for coffee too. It’s taken us over a year of testing and tweaking, working with some of the best in the game, and we’re stoked about what we’ve come up with. And when you try it, we hope you will be too.

We believe in the old maxim, the simpler the better. Which is why we made our oat milk with just five New Zealand ingredients: southern-grown oats, kiwi spring water, a drop of Canterbury rapeseed oil, a pinch of sea salt and calcium for healthy bones. Strictly no naaaasties.

It’s no secret that making our lives more sustainable is the big challenge we all face. And it’s pretty much why Otis exists in the first place. It’s our way of rolling up our sleeves and getting stuck in. And a nutritious alternative to dairy, that’s grown and produced in a way that looks after the land and the people living on it, is what we’ve come up with. Pretty straightforward stuff.

Right now, our little corner of the world needs all the help it can get. The April 2019 report, Environment Aotearoa, made some big, scary statements about the state of our country – like how 60% of our rare ecosystems are in danger of collapse. There are loads of reasons why it’s got so bad, and we’re not here to point fingers, but being a little too good at producing dairy milk is one of them.

There’s plenty more we can all do to help get our country and our planet back on track, but choosing a plant-based milk for your coffee is a pretty good (and delicious) place to start.

We’re not ready to go on supermarket shelves just yet as we haven’t got a sustainable packaging solution, but we’re working hard to find one. So you’ll currently find us in a few select cafés. Just head on down and order us in your Flat Oat.


Go try a Flat Oat at one of these cafes.



Albany St Dispensary

Bay Rd

Buster Greens


Common Ground


Fluid Espresso

Hussey & Laredo

Precinct Food

The Dispensary

Union Co Cafe



Bespoke Kitchen


Vudu Cafe and Larder



Greenland Cafe

Hillside Cafe

Milk Crate

Mojo Coffee


Squirrel Coffee House

Swimsuit Cafe



The Big Fig

The Coffee Shack


Allpress Espresso


Candy Shop

Daily Daily

Dear Jervois


EightThirty Coffee

Farmers Daughter

Hugo’s Bistro

Little Bird

Mojo Coffee

Odettes Eatery

Orphans Kitchen


Postal Service


The Butchers Son

The Piha Store


Williams Eatery


Espresso 245

Grater Goods

Lyttlelton Coffee Co

Portershed Cafe

Posh Porridge

The Fermentist



In The Neighbourhood

Tauranga/The Mount

George Cafe

Love Rosie

The Nourished Eatery


If you’re an oat milk lover wanting to know more, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email.