The One Percent Fund

The One Percent Fund is where we dedicate 1% of our annual sales to fuel projects like the incredible work of Adrian and the team at Plant Research NZ. They've been the champs behind 20 years of hands-on oat R&D, ensuring our varieties are top-notch worldwide. From pest resistance to climate resilience, helping Otis, and oat growers redefine and lead in oat genetics. 

What is the Otis One Percent Fund?
It's where we commit 1% of our total annual sales to fuel projects and initiatives shaping oats into an exciting alternative for New Zealand farmers.

Who did we award it to?
Big applause to Adrian and the stellar team at Plant Research NZ.

What does Oat R&D mean?
For nearly two decades, PRNZ has handcrafted the oat R&D program, steering clear of GMOs. Their dedication spans developing crops with enhanced pest resistance, higher yields, reduced synthetic inputs, and most crucially, varieties resilient to changing climates.

If you are supporting Otis then you are supporting NZ farmers