The One Percent Fund

At Otis we want to help New Zealand farmers lead the way in farming for the 21st century - a way of farming that’s more diverse, more plant based and works in harmony with nature not against it. No surprises, we think the mighty oat holds many of the answers. That’s why, from September 6th 2021, we are dedicating 1% of our total annual sales to funding projects and initiatives that make oats a viable and exciting alternative for NZ farmers.

At this stage, we’re still very much at the beginning of our journey defining the 'how' of the fund. Like, what are the barriers farmers face to growing oats? Where do they feel like they need the most support? What promising scientific work could make the most difference to them? All questions we hope to get under the skin of by talking to researchers, thought leaders and of course the farmers themselves.

By gaining a deeper understanding of the opportunities, we aim to channel the funds in the direction of the biggest impact, whilst ensuring it’s delivered in a way that sees both our rural communities and environment thrive. So each September, after the funds have been collected for the year and research undertaken we will award the money. In the meantime, we’ll be keeping people up to date with how we are going.