We’re a small brand but we have big ambitions to create positive change for our people, planet and the communities we serve. Our sustainability plan outlines not only our ambitions but more importantly the required actions to create the change we seek. 

We have focused our plan around three pillars: planet, people & community
Read the summary below or read the full plan here.


Our ultimate goals:

  • No packaging from our business operations to pollute ecosystems, or enter a landfill.

  • Be a climate-positive business (sequester more carbon than we emit).

  • Ensure we have no negative impact on any ecosystems through our entire supply chain from the use of chemicals.

  • Ensure we have no negative impact on any waterways through our entire supply chain.

  • To be a business that regenerates soil and biodiversity through our business operation

 Immediate Projects:

  • Continue to support and promote the successful implementation of a recycling facility for liquid paperboard packaging (LPB) in NZ.

  • Deliver on our carbon reduction plan & engage with farmers & experts around sustainable farming practices.

  • Engage with our growers and experts to clearly understand the level of agri-chemicals in our supply chain, existing water management and impacts on soil health.


People People

Our ultimate goals:

  • To be a business that ensures the health and well being of those in our supply chain. 100% of our suppliers to be vetted for their social and environmental impacts and to have signed our Supplier Code of Conduct.

  • To be a diverse and inclusive workplace that ensures health and well being for all, and provides rewarding, prosperous, and fulfilling jobs, for all employees.

 Immediate Projects:

  • Develop a supplier onboarding policy / procedure to ensure they align with our values. 

  • Use our platform to promote the benefits of certified Fairtrade ingredients. 

  • Upskill in diversity and inclusion within the workplace




Our ultimate goals:

  • To educate our community on the huge social, environmental and economic challenges we all face and empower them to make positive contributions to solving them.

 Immediate Projects:

  • Support events through the year that align with our values and provide us opportunity to engage and empower the NZ communities.

  • Establish an annual volunteer day supporting our local community.

  • Include at least 10 posts a year on our social media channel with a direct educational purpose.

  • Commit to at least one speaking engagement.