Our mission

Otis started out of the need to rethink the direction our agriculture industry was heading toward, one of intensive dairying practices that have had well publicised detrimental effects upon NZs delicate rivers, oceans and ecosystems. We as a nation must decide how we want to caretake the land for the next generations. And we think that future is plant based. Oats are a super food that just so happen to thrive in the conditions of the Otago and Southland regions. So we decided to build a modern Kiwi agriculture brand based on love and compassion, with a homegrown superfood, and export these nutrient dense food and beverages to the fastest growing consumer market in the world. Simples.

'Otis is a modern Kiwi farming brand existing to contribute positive environmental change, by creating healthy plant-based products and driving changes in behaviour. Founded on love, compassion, sustainability and community.'

—Team Otis 2020 hui mission statement.