The cheat sheet for placing a quick submission

Hi all! Thanks for taking the time to help us out!

You can find the submission form here

Below you’ll find a few pre-written answers (based on our viewpoint) to help you fill the submission out. Please feel free to ‘copy & paste’ if you wish.

NB: There are two sections you can answer: one on the Container Return Scheme (CRS) and the other on Kerbside recycling. If you are interested in understanding more about either scheme, we’ve got a more in depth run down on our website which you can see here.

If you’re short on time, we ask that you skip the questions on the CRS scheme & head straight to the kerbside recycling section, as this is what we feel will have the biggest impact. Below however, we have listed answers for both the sections.

Section One: Answering questions on Container Return Scheme (CRS):

1. Do you agree with the proposed broad scope of beverage container material types to be included in the NZ CRS?

Answer: No.

2. Do you agree with the proposal to exempt fresh milk in all packaging types from the NZ CRS?

Answer: No.
Additional Comments (optional): Excluding fresh milk but including plant milk is unfair to both plant milk drinkers and the plant milk brands who must compete against ‘big dairy’ conglomerates. Like fresh milk, the majority of plant milk is also consumed at home and for many is a staple part of their diet. With both plant milk & it’s packaging being a low carbon alternative to fresh milk, we should be investing in growing this industry not putting it on the back foot.

3. Do you support the proposed refund of 20c

Answer: Yes

4. How would you like to receive your refunds for containers?Please answer all that are relevant & select your preference.

We’ll leave this one for you to decide.

5. Which location/s would you find easiest to return eligible beverage containers to? Please answer all that are relevant and select your preference.

Again, we’ll leave this one for you to decide.

6. Do you support the implementation of the Container Return scheme (CRS) for New Zealand?

Answer: Yes.
Additional comments (optional): Money motivates the majority of people. So if we are to get the majority of our community members to ensure the packaging resources they use are recycled back into our economy we have to place a financial value on them. By placing the 20c value on every beverage container a large section of our community, that isn’t already motivated to be part of a circular economy, will become motivated. Not because it is the right thing to do, but because they get their money back.

7. Do you think the refillable beverage containers should be included within the scheme in the future?

Answer: We’ll let you decide on this one, as at this stage we’re a bit undecided & need to hear more on how it could work.

Section Two: Answering questions on Kerbside recycling

1. Should all councils offer kerbside recycling?

Answer: Yes.

2. Should all councils offer food scraps bins so that food scraps can avoid going to landfill?

Answer: Yes

3. We propose the towns of 1000 plus should have access to these collections. Do you agree?

Answer: Yes

4. Please tick below all the items from the list below which you agree should be accepted in household kerbside recycling collections.

Tick all boxes

5. Are there any other materials that should be accepted in household kerbside recycling collections?

We believe Liquid Paperboard Packaging (LPB) should be included in kerbside recycling. By not including LPB and including fresh (dairy) milk we are giving preference and support to our largest GHG emitting industry and promoting the use of fossil fuel based packaging ( of which majority of fresh milk is sold in). On the flip side, by not including LPB ( & the majority of plant milks that use this packaging source) we’re discouraging the use of a. A low emissions milk alternative b. the lowest carbon packaging type and c. The upcycling of this packaging type right here in NZ, into a low carbon building material.

6. Do you want to answer questions about the separation of business food scraps?

If you’re feeling inspired, then we’ll leave you to answer this section.