Join us in celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight. Otis Oat M!lk and Good Fortune Coffee Company are teaming up to share the stories of Fairtrade, why Fairtrade matters to us, and why it should matter to you too.

The impact of climate change on agricultural production and the future of food is well-known with commodities such as coffee having long been in the climate spotlight. Studies suggest that by 2050, in fact, up to half of the world’s land currently used to farm coffee may be unusable.

93% of the Fairtrade coffee farmers in Kenya surveyed are already experiencing the effects of climate change. 

Farmers in key cocoa growing regions in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire are likely to experience challenging climatic changes which require them to adapt their farming methods. These changes include both more days with heavy precipitation, as well as increased risk of heatwaves and drought.

Between 2012 and 2017, Coffee Rust (aka La Roya) caused more than $3 billion in damage and lost profits and forced almost 2 million farmers off their land. Changing weather has created conditions that has made coffee farms more vulnerable to the disease. 


By the simple action of looking for the Fairtrade mark when you shop, and choosing Fairtrade products, you can protect the future of our food by supporting farmers on the frontline of the climate crisis and those facing rising costs to produce some of our most consumed daily commodities.

Here at Otis and Good Fortune Coffee Company, we care about the planet and its people, which is why we choose to be Fairtrade certified. 

Let's protect the future of our food together!

Fairtrade Recipes

The Fairest winter mocha of them all

Introducing, the fairest winter mocha of them all. A simple, soul warming mocha, constructed using entirely Fairtrade products to kick your week off right.  Thanks to the team at House of Good Fortune we have brought this fair little beauty to life so you can up your mocha game at home too.


-  Otis Oat Milk The Chocolate One
-  Good Fortune Firecracker 
-  Good Fortune Extra Dark Drinking Chocolate

 To make a classic mocha: 

-  Make a double Espresso 
-  Steam Chocolate oat milk to desired texture 
-  Pour the steamed Chocolate oat milk into the espresso 
-  Dust the top with the Extra Dark Drinking Chocolate 

Or, to make it cold:

- Make a few Espresso shots (stovetop or aeropress works as well) 
- Pour the Espressos into a ice cube tray 
- Put the Espressos in the freezer for a few hours until fully frozen 
- Fill a tall glass with the Espresso ice cubes 
- Top up with Otis Chocolate oat milk 
- Dust with Good Fortune drinking chocolate


The Good Fortune x Otis Vegan Oat Coffee Cookies 

Introducing, the fairest cookie of them all. The ultimate winter morning tea companion, constructed using Fairtrade products that is begging to be dunked. Thanks to the team at House of Good Fortune we have brought this fair little beauty to life so you can up your smoko game.

4 Tbsp ground Linseeds
And 2 Tbsp water
(Grind linseeds to a powder and stir into the water to create the vegan egg component) 250g Olivani
2 tsp Vanilla ess
1⁄4 Cups Otis Oat milk
250g Caster sugar 

425g Buckwheat Flour
1⁄2 C Ground Almonds
1 1⁄2 C chopped Hazelnuts 3 tsp Ground Coffee
1 tsp Baking soda
1 tsp salt 

Combine wet and dry ingredients in a mixer with the K attachment, mix on medium speed until combined. Scoop 55g balls out and roll in oats and raw sugar. Pop and a lined baking tray allowing space for them to spread while cooking.
Cook at 175c for 14 mins then allow to cool. 

Oat Milk Chocolate Custard 
1⁄3 C Chocolate Oat Milk 1⁄3 C caster Sugar
1⁄3 C Corn flour
Dash of Vanilla Essence

Combine ingredients for the Chocolate oat custard in a small pot over medium heat and whisk until thickened. Once custardy texture is created, put aside to cool. 

Coffee Icing 
200gm Olivani
400gms icing Sugar
Double shot of espresso

Mix together until combined. Put into a piping bag. 

Filling the cookies: 
Pipe the Coffee icing around the outside and spoon some of the custard into the center and sandwich together. 


Fairest scroll of them all! 

This delicious vegan Brioche bun is made up of three different flavored dough, rolled with melted chocolate & hazelnuts and filled with Oat Chocolate custard. 

The dough:
4 Cups Otis Oat Milk / 4 Cups Otis Chocolate oat milk (for the Chocolate oat dough) 1⁄2 Tbs Dry yeast
1⁄2 Tbs Warm Water
1 1⁄4 Cups All Purpose Flour
1⁄2 tsp Salt
1⁄2 tsp Vanilla / 2 Double shots of Firecracker Espresso (for coffee dough)
1 Tbs Aqua faba
4 Tbs Olivani 

Chocolate spread: 
- 50g Whittakers dark Chocolate
- 1/4 Cup Hazelnuts, chopped & melted

Chocolate oat custard filling: 
- 1⁄3 Cups Otis Chocolate Oat Milk 1⁄3 Cups caster Sugar
- 1/3 Cups Corn flour
- Dash of Vanilla Essence 

- Add all dry ingredients for the dough into a large mixing bowl
- Add Water, Vanilla Essence, Oat milk and Aqua faba to the dry ingredients - On medium setting, start the mixer
- Once dough is starting to combine, add Olivani 

Continue making the Chocolate dough & Coffee dough substituting ingredients listed in the dough ingredients 

Roll out 3 logs of the dough, plait them together and using a rolling pin flatten it out into a rectangle. Next smear the melted chocolate over the top, sprinkle on the hazelnuts and roll up into a big spiral log.
Cut into 12 and put into greased Texas Muffin tins to proof

Once proofed, brush with oat milk and cook at 180 for 12 mins, check and make sure the bottoms have a nice color 

Combine ingredients for the Chocolate oat custard in a small pot over medium heat and whisk until thickened. Once custardy texture is created, put aside to cool
Once cooled hollow out a small part in the middle of the buns and pipe in the Chocolate custard.

Garnish with Chopped Hazelnuts, Chopped Chocolate or Praline or anything you think would be yum!! 

Chocolate Milk 6-Pack

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lindsey o'connor

I drink this everyday with cold brew, living the dream! Kids love it too!

dave heads
Great exercise recovery drink 5 stars

We use the Otis Barista Oat milk in our tea and coffee. It tastes great and is a healthy choice. The chocolate milk has now become a firm favourite as a post exercise recovery drink and in our hot chocolate beverages. Great people and product and supporters of Search and Rescue Avalanche Dogs NZ, of which I am the patron. The team enjoyed the chocolate milk, just a shame the dogs are not allowed chocolate!

Too good

My only complaint is that it's so good I ran out of the 6 liters in about a week, will need to get a bigger order next time

Otisoatmilk chocolate

12 cartons gone in 3 days! I think that says it all! Great product, great taste!

Ange Pilkington

I recently tried the chocolate milk by Otis Oat milk and I have to say - it was absolutely delicious! The chocolate flavor was rich and creamy, without being too overpowering, and the milk itself was smooth and satisfying. I appreciated the fact that it wasn't too sweet, making it a great option for anyone looking for a tasty and healthy drink. Overall, I was extremely impressed with the quality and taste of Oatis chocolate milk, and can't wait to try more of your products in the future!

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