Vegan Oat Coffee Cookies

Vegan Oat Coffee Cookies

Introducing, the fairest cookie of them all. The ultimate winter morning tea companion, constructed using Fairtrade products that is begging to be dunked.  Thanks to the team at House of Good Fortune we have brought this fair little beauty to life so you can up your smoko game.

The Good Fortune x Otis Vegan Oat Coffee Cookies 
4 Tbsp ground Linseeds and 2 Tbsp water (Grind linseeds to a powder and stir into the water to create the vegan egg component) 250g Olivani, 2 tsp Vanilla essence, 1⁄4 Cups Otis Oat milk, 250g Caster sugar.

425g Buckwheat Flour, 1⁄2 C Ground Almonds, 1 1⁄2 C chopped Hazelnuts, 3 tsp Ground Coffee, 1 tsp Baking soda, 1 tsp salt.

Combine wet and dry ingredients in a mixer with the K attachment, mix on medium speed until combined. Scoop 55g balls out and roll in oats and raw sugar. Pop onto a lined baking tray allowing space for them to spread while cooking. Cook at 175c for 14 mins then allow to cool. 

**Oat milk chocolate custard** 
1⁄3 C Chocolate Oat Milk 1⁄3 C caster Sugar1⁄3 C Corn flour, dash of Vanilla Essence
Combine ingredients for the Chocolate oat custard in a small pot over medium heat and whisk until thickened. Once the custardy texture is created, put aside to cool. 

**Coffee Icing** 
200gm Olivani, 400gms icing Sugar, double shot of espresso
Mix together until combined. Place into a piping bag. 

**Filling the cookies:** 
Pipe the Coffee icing around the outside and spoon some of the custard into the center and sandwich them together.