Vegan Chocolate and Coffee Braided Brioche Scrolls

Vegan Chocolate and Coffee Braided Brioche Scrolls
Introducing, the fairest scroll of them all. Thanks to the team at House of Good Fortune we have brought this fair little beauty to life so you can spice up your brunch game.

Vegan Chocolate and Coffee Braided Brioche Scrolls with Otis Chocolate Oat Milk Custard and Hazelnuts. 

This delicious vegan Brioche bun is made up of three different flavored doughs, rolled with melted chocolate & hazelnuts, and filled with Oat Chocolate custard. 

**The dough:**
4 Cups Otis Oat Milk, OR 4 Cups Otis Chocolate oat milk (for the Chocolate oat dough), 1⁄2 Tbs Dry yeast, 1⁄2 Tbs Warm Water, 1 1⁄4 Cups All Purpose Flour, 1⁄2 tsp Salt, 1⁄2 tsp Vanilla OR 2 Double shots of Firecracker Espresso (for coffee dough), 1 Tbs Aqua faba, 4 Tbs Olivani.

**Chocolate spread:** 
50g Whittakers dark Chocolate, melted 1/4 Cup Hazelnuts, Chopped 

**Chocolate oat custard filling:** 
1⁄3 Cups Otis Chocolate Oat Milk, 1⁄3 Cups caster Sugar, 1/3 Cups Corn flour, dash of Vanilla Essence 

- Add all dry ingredients for the dough into a large mixing bowl.
- Add Water, Vanilla Essence, Oat milk and Aqua faba to the dry ingredients - On medium setting, start the mixer.
- Once the dough is starting to combine, add Olivani.

Continue making the Chocolate dough & Coffee dough substituting the ingredients listed in the dough ingredients.

Roll out 3 logs of the dough, plait them together and using a rolling pin flatten it out into a rectangle. Next smear the melted chocolate over the top, sprinkle on the hazelnuts and roll up into a big spiral log. Cut into 12 and put into greased Texas Muffin tins to proof

Once proofed, brush with oat milk and cook at 180 for 12 mins, check and make sure the bottoms have a nice color.

Combine ingredients for the Chocolate oat custard in a small pot over medium heat and whisk until thickened. Once custardy texture is created, put aside to cool. Once cooled hollow out a small part in the middle of the buns and pipe in the Chocolate custard. Garnish with Chopped Hazelnuts, Chopped Chocolate or Praline or anything you think would be yum!!