Good Fortune Coffee Company x Otis's Fairtrade Mocha

Good Fortune Coffee Company x Otis's Fairtrade Mocha

Introducing, the fairest winter mocha of them all. A simple, soul warming mocha, constructed using entirely Fairtrade products to kick your week off right. Thanks to the team at House of Good Fortune we have brought this fair little beauty to life so you can up your mocha game at home too.

Ingredients: ​
- Otis Oat Milk The Chocolate One​
- Good Fortune Firecracker ​
- Good Fortune Drinking Chocolate​​

To make a classic mocha: ​
Make a double Espresso ​
Steam Chocolate oat milk to desired texture ​
Pour the steamed Chocolate oat milk into the espresso ​
Dust the top with the Extra Dark Drinking Chocolate ​

Or, to make it cold:​

Make a few Espresso shots
(stovetop or aeropress works as well) ​

Pour the Espressos into a ice cube tray ​
Put the Espressos in the freezer for a few hours until fully frozen ​
Fill a tall glass with the Espresso ice cubes ​
Top up with Otis Chocolate oat milk ​
Dust with Good Fortune drinking chocolate​