Round three of Kawhe For Koha was a special affair, a huge thanks to our lovely friends @squirrel.nz for hosting. Kawhe For Koha is a series of events where we work with our cafe family to give back via a humble cup of coffee. The entire proceeds of the first 100 oat coffee purchases go to the cafes charity of choice.
Squirrel is a Wellington institution, and here at Otis we are lucky to be able to call them partners from day dot. Located in downtown Wellington in the cosiest of spots, it’s that mysterious sort of cafe where you will go for a minute and end up staying for a while. Milly and her team are focused on locally sourced fare whilst building community in the heart of the Welly CBD.  
Squirrel’s chosen charity, The Hawkes Bay Disaster Relief Fund, is close to home for Milly and her whanau. Originally from the HB the whole Squirrel team felt a deep connection to those who have lost so much in the horrific events of Gabrielle’s devastation. Milly is proud to support the relief fund, enabling people from anywhere in New Zealand to donate to the region’s recovery effort knowing their donations will be spent on the most urgently needed support for the people and communities who need it most.

Read a few Q & A's with the lovely Milly below….

Hi team, can you let the people know Squirrel’s offering and reason for being?  Simple, done well is our focus at Squirrel. Drawing on both local and international inspiration, we are a family-run eatery that enjoys putting the spotlight on local producers and makers. Knowing we couldn’t do it all on our own we opted for a pick ‘n’ mix of Wellington’s best. On our menu you’ll find a mix of; Wellington Sourdough breads and baking, Acme Coffee, Maranui salads and gluten free treats, Little Spoon Crumpets, and our treats from our fabulous off-site baker, Angie Stainer.  

Besides caffeine, what gets you out of bed in the morning?  My alarm?  Sipping on a long black whilst writing this out, so honestly, I’m unsure haha. The promise of a new day, the sunshine, the crisp Wellington air, believing in the work we do, seeing our regulars, slinging shots!  

Thank you for being a part of Kawhe for Koha, could you tell us a little about the charity you’ve chosen and why?  Thank you again for having us involved, it really is such a great initiative! We’re a Hawkes Bay family originally and spend a lot of time up there over the year. Much of our small community at Waipatiki were cut off for weeks, with goods being airlifted into them, and that must have been unimaginably hard. We wanted to be able to support our family and friends in a tangible way and are really grateful for the opportunity.  

We've just ticked in to 2023, what are you hopeful for in our next spin around the sun?  The last few years have been tough, just when you feel like you’re on top of everything again, something will pop up. So, in 2023, we’re hoping for an easy and successful year!